12 Spooky Halloween Food & Treats {recipes}



1.  Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzel ~ Owl’s don’t always come out at night.  Children will have a hoot decorating these adorable owl pretzels.  After they’ve decorated them they’ll have just as much fun eating them.  {wink}

Halloween Snacks

2.  Halloween Puppy Chow {Halloween Food Recipes} ~ Puppy Chow is a classic yummy treat, add a few extra ingredients and you have a festive version. Perfect for a Halloween party or just as a fun snack, your kiddos will love it!

Halloween Party Food

3.  Candy Corn Drink ~ A refreshing and festive Halloween beverage layered to look like candy corn.  How cute is the ghost marshmallow peep in top?!

Halloween Drinks

4.  Mad Scientist Potion ~ Serve up some witches brew with this fun drink!  It’s sure to excite both kids and adults.  They are so simple to make you will be surprised.  Check out the tutorial to learn what the secret ingredient is to make this drink bubble and smoke.

Halloween Appetizers

5.  Spooky Spider Cheeseball ~A cheese ball is a pretty traditional party food, especially when large groups of people are involved like during the holidays.  But this recipe takes a regular cheese ball up a couple of notches.

Halloween Treats

6.  Vampire Caramel Apples ~ Caramel Apples are a traditional fall treat, so why not decorate them to look like the most festive and spooky Halloween treat.  This delicious caramel apple recipe is only made spooky when dressed to look like vampire teeth.

Halloween Recipes

7.  Candy Corn Halloween Pizza ~ Turn a regular cheese pizza into a Halloween treat with jut the addition of a little more cheese.  This candy corn cheese pizza can be used with your favorite pizza recipe or by using the yummy pizza recipe from the ladies of Our Best Bites.

Halloween Party Snacks

8.  Spider Web Snacks ~ This fun Halloween treat is easy to make and both kid friendly in the kitchen and in their tummies.

Halloween Cupcakes

9.  Ghost Cupcakes ~ What kid wouldn’t love these super cute Ghost Cupcakes?  These would be perfect for a Halloween party or a classroom of enthusiastic children.

Halloween Food Ideas

10.  Mummy Pizza Puffs ~ How adorable are these mummified pizza puffs?  They’re light and fluffy and filled with cheese and pepperoni.  Perfect for lunches or even dinner.

Halloween Lunch Ideas

11.  Halloween Lunch Ideas ~ Mummify your food with these 3 fun recipes for mummy dogs, ghost bananas, and monster eyes

Halloween Desserts

12.  Frankenstein Monster Cake ~ Isn’t this Frankenstein cake absolutely amazing?!  Learn how to transform an ordinary cake into a Frankenstein Monster masterpiece.


(Thank You to the blogs in this post for these fabulous tutorials!)


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